*If you have Credit with Aurora Skills, please email Dawn Young dawn@auroraskills.com before registering for this class.

Grades 3 – 5

Fall 2021 – Mondays

Sept – 13,20,27
Oct – 4,18,25
Nov – 1,8,15,22,29
Dec – 6,13,20
Jan – 3,10,24,31

Foundational Engineering: Machines & Contraptions

Does your little learner love to tinker and create new things, or are they the kind of learner who likes to break things apart to see what’s inside? If so, they’re going to love Snapology’s Foundational Engineering: Machines and Contraptions program! This program gives your student the tools they need to understand mechanical movement and the importance of simple machines. They will see these moving parts up-close as they follow instructions to build various machines and contraptions, then use the models to develop new design ideas, test out physics concepts, and even play games with their partners and classmates. Whether they are the creative-constructive type or prefer the inquisitive-deconstructive way of learning, this program is sure to spark their engineering interests!

What the Students Will Learn

Simple Machines, Complex Machines, and Physics
By following our building instructions and examining the models that are made, your child will learn how to design simple and complex machines and use things like gears, pulleys, wheels & axles, lever, and cranks to build their own models. They will learn how different configurations of these parts can create unique movement guided by laws of physics and will be encouraged to experiment with their builds to create new design possibilities.

Building Strong Structures and Problem Solving
There are five fundamental elements to storytelling – characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution – and your students will learn and master them all when creating their own story! Our program focuses on the importance of movie planning, basic storyboarding, and execution of these plans, which will encourage better storytelling in and out of the classroom!

Teamwork/Partner Skills
Small groups and peer partners are key components of Snapology’s classroom approach. We emphasize positive teamwork skills in our programs and constantly work to develop healthy, respectful collaborations between students. Through group planning, sharing of materials, and fun partner experiences, students become more cognizant of how to interact with their peers in a respectful and productive way.