Lights, Camera, Action!  Learn how to Make and/or Act in a film this Fall.

Aurora Skills is offering K-2 film-acting class after-school club.  The class is open to those who are interested in learning how to act in front of the camera versus the stage. Students will learn story-telling, character development, screen writing, making backdrops (Art), staging, props, lighting and more.

Students will work together in teams to write, act, shoot and edit their own short films.  Every student is invited to participate in all aspects or just the areas that interest them.  At the end of the term, teams will have at least one film that they have made, put on a DVD.  Professional equipment, cameras, audio and editing software is provided.  This is a great way to start acting reels for aspiring actors and production reels for aspiring filmmakers.  The skills students will learn will benefit them in all the facets of their lives, from school applications, class projects, to learning viral marketing and beyond!